Soft Tissue in Dinosaurs Undercuts Darwinian Evolution

For several decades now, scientists have been finding soft tissue inside dinosaur bones that are believed to be at least 65 million years old, a discovery that defies the basic tenets of neo-Darwinian Evolution. But these findings were largely ignored until a scientist linked to the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park announced she had discovered pliable organic tissue inside the bones of a Tyrannosaurus dubbed B-Rex. Dr. Mary Schweitzer of NC State University made the finding while working with Dr. Jack Horner, the famed dinosaur hunter who was the consultant and model for the lead character in Jurassic Park. The news drew media interest several years ago, with the CBS show Sixty Minutes airing a widely watched report on the subject [See], but it quickly faded from the headlines.

However, a number of scientists continue to pursue the evidence of blood vessels, proteins and other soft tissue being found in a range of dinosaur bones that supposedly date back as much as 500 million years. The presence of such organic material means that the dinosaur bones are a lot younger than once thought. It also undermines the whole timeline of neo-Darwinism, which relies on long eons of time to allow for the slow, gradual, random evolution of lower life forms to higher ones.

Some Creationist scientists are calling the soft tissue finds the greatest discovery in the history of paleontology. They also point to carbon-14 tests showing many dinosaur bone samples are less than 57,000 years old.

Here is a brand new video explaining the issues involved, featuring Dr. Kevin Anderson, who has a PhD in microbiology from Kansas State University and now works with the Creation Research Center. Go to:

MY COMMENT:  As I point out in my book Floodgates, Darwinian evolution is being thoroughly refuted by science itself, especially through genetic studies which prove that macro-evolution and positive mutation are both impossible. The ‘soft tissue’ controversy is further evidence against Darwinian theory. Still, those who have used it as a scientific pretext to walk away from any moral accountability to God will never voluntarily come back under His authority over their lives. They enjoy too much playing a “god” unto themselves who can make up their own rules for right and wrong. As the Psalmist said: Why do the wicked renounce God? He has said in his heart, “You will not require an account.” (Psalm 10:13)

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