Prophetic insights from the Hawaii volcano

As everyone has followed the reports on the Hawaii volcano eruptions over recent weeks, I have noted a couple very interesting aspects of this story that are closely related to my book Floodgates. For instance, several experts have been cited as saying that such volcanic eruptions have a positive side in that if the pressure of the lava flows and magma plumes inside volcanoes were allowed to continue building up, the earth’s crust might one day literally “explode” under our feet. So the frequent earthquakes and volcanoes we experience are actually serving to release and reduce that pressure. But what if the earth were indeed to burst open one day, as it did in the Flood of Noah, releasing a deluge of water that inundated the planet. Isaiah 24 is clear that this will happen one day, resulting in a torrent of fiery judgment from God – see in particular Isaiah 24:6, 18-20.

Other reports have experts warning that the entire Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ might soon erupt, or that the San Andreas fault is showing signs that a massive earthquake is approaching. See, for instance:  “Hawaii volcano sparks fears that the ‘Ring of Fire’ will see US West Coast eruptions”  [AP story posted in the South China Morning Post from May 13, 2018]. Also, “California eruption ALERT: Pacific Ring of Fire volcanoes ‘more explosive’ than Hawaii” – which warns that “with Hawaii experiencing widespread devastation at the hands of the Kilauea volcano, geologists are now warning that California could be the next in line for an explosive eruption.” Other reports are expressing concern that the lava plume below Yellowstone National Park – believed to be the largest known magma plume in the world – is also about to blow. See “Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser keeps erupting, and scientists want to know why”, [CBS News, June 20, 2018].

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