PETA and the Degrading of Man

Someone recently sent me an article by a Jewish rabbi which criticizes PETA for putting humans on the same level with animals. In “PETA and the Dehumanization of Humans,” by Rabbi Yogi Robkin [, dated May 5, 2018], the author takes the animal rights group to task for recent promotional posters and videos that equate Jewish victims of the Holocaust with pigs and chickens in pens being readied for market.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) indeed has done much to feed the twisted Darwinian notion that mankind is no different than the animals and even came from them. But Rabbi Robkin offers the traditional Jewish view, stating:  “Judaism believes that man is very different than animal. It is only the human being, created with a divine soul, who is made in God’s image and is responsible to rise above instinct and make moral decisions. It is precisely due to man’s distinct nature that makes him responsible to care for the vulnerable beasts around him, rather than take advantage of them – something practically unheard of in the animal kingdom. For unlike the animals in the forests, jungles and ranches, it is only man who is endowed with the consciousness to consider what is right and what is wrong and the free will to act upon that knowledge.”

In Floodgates, I make the case that with the mainstream acceptance of Darwinian thinking, we have lowered our self-image of mankind as a special creation of God made in His likeness, and that this puts us in serious and direct violation of the one rule or command of the Noahide Covenant. And according to Isaiah chapter 24 the world will soon pay a heavy price for it. The rule is contained in Genesis 9:3-6, and the verse warning of its violation is found in Isaiah 24:5, with the severe consequences spelled out throughout this terrifying chapter of the prophet Isaiah.

Like the rabbi, I love animals too! But we go too far when we put them on a par with mankind, and in the process use a scientific pretext like Darwinism to discard with God, our Maker. The irony of PETA and the Darwinists is that by caring for and even worshiping Nature and the animals more than God, they are consigning these creatures to certain destruction. The Bible is clear that man’s sin and rebellion always has an impact on nature around us, and the consequences will soon be a fiery judgment like that which hit Sodom and Gomorrah (Luke 17:28-30; 2 Peter 2:5-6; Jude 7). No doubt, Nature around us is already “travailing” for the consummation of the age and the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:18-22).

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  1. Makes me sick what Darwinism has done to mankind. It’s so evil. And the deception continues with PETA and others. How can people be so BLIND that we are different from the animals???

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