Geothermal plume melting Antarctic ice shelf

In “Floodgates,” I warn that global warming is a real threat to humanity, but not in the way it is usually presented. And the worst cause is not so much our environmental pollution as our moral pollution. That is, mankind’s growing moral rebellion against our Maker will soon lead to the fiery wrath of geothermal activity from below and burning objects from above, as described in Isaiah 24 and throughout the Book of Revelation, among other ominous biblical passages. This is the irony of Darwinism: the more we revere Nature above God, the more we consign the earth to destruction.

Now comes a study from NASA which concludes that the major cause of melt-off of the West Antarctic ice shelf is not man-made climate change, but a geothermal lava plume boiling up from underneath the frozen continent. Apparently, there numerous places under the Antarctic region where volcanic activity and lava floes are heating the ice and seas from beneath. The NASA research shows that bottom melting, which lubricates the underside of glaciers and creates underground lakes and rivers, has a far greater influence on ice loss than atmospheric global warming. There were multiple media reports on this in late 2017, including on the sites for Principia Scientific International and for Forbes magazine.

In the Flood of Noah, the “windows of heaven” above and the fountains of the deep below opened up to let in the deluge of water which swept away the ancient world. Today, what lies beneath our feet is not oceans of water but a sea of molten lava, and the threat is that the same gateways as in the Flood will now open up to allow in what the Bible consistently describes as the fiery wrath of God.

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  1. Hey David!

    A big congratulations on Floodgates! 🌈🔥🌪☄️ I’m so thankful to God that He chose you to write this book. It’s difficult to come to the realization that we are in the years of the final age of our world and looking at a future final judgment of the Earth. It’s very easy, even as followers of Jesus, to set this aside and go on about our day as usual. We are all deceived!! I believe you are right!

    Since we returned to the US after being in Israel for 3 1/2 years, I have been shocked and upset at how much this country’s moral fiber has changed. It’s very different from what we left, or maybe I just couldn’t see it back in 2010.. There is so much that I want to say but I’ll stop at this:

    God help us all and help us to know what to do in these end days!

    Your sister in Christ,

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