More proof that Darwinism is dead

The pace of science these days is fast. Blazing fast! Ever since I finished writing Floodgates in April 2017, there have been a number of advances in science that have great relevance to my book, especially in the field of genetics.  It appears Darwinism is crumbling under the assault of science itself. I addressed many of these new developments in Chapter 17 of Floodgates, entitled “Reason and Revelation.” I will be posting on this blog some of the more important new advances in science going forward. A good example is a new book by Harvard-trained geneticist Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson, and entitled Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species.

Jeanson explains that when Charles Darwin introduced his theory of evolution in 1859, it was still pre-Civil War days and science was still in its infancy compared to today. Darwin developed his theory on how life forms originated by careful observations of plants and animals. Yet Darwin knew our human senses and our intellect are limited. And the true origins of life can best be determined through the study of genetics, which is a discipline of science not even invented yet in Darwin’s day. Based on the rate and capabilities of mutation within our human DNA code, Jeanson lays out how genetics is now revealing that the current human race is only around 6,000 years old, just as the Bible says.

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As I point out in Floodgates, even if Darwinian evolution is thoroughly refuted – as is now happening – those who have used it as a scientific pretext to escape any accountability to God will never voluntarily come back under His moral authority. They enjoy too much playing a “god” unto themselves who can make up their own rules for right and wrong.

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